“I’m Absolutely Keeping the Graphic Novel’s Ending”

Hardcore Watchmen fans have been waiting to hear this for a long time: Zack Snyder is keeping the ending.

Yes, he said it. At least he was quoted as saying that in the latest issue of Starlog magazine.

He actually had quite a bit to say in the four page article - most of which will have all of the die hard Watchmen fans screaming “Amen!”

"I’m sticking to the hard edge and all of the bickering that’s in Watchmen. If you don’t do that, you shouldn’t do the film at all. The reason why is that the movie works as an answer to what’s out there. It did that as a graphic novel, and it needs to do that as a film. If you want to take out the edgy bits, then don’t bother making it. Never mind!"


Who Writes The Watchmen?

Zack Snyder brought in a pair of Hollywood juggernaut scriptwriters to rewrite Alex Tse’s original draft. Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, hot off of writing Transformers, were brought in to enhance the script.

How much of the original draft is intact is unsure, but after Orci and Kurtzman were done with the rewrite, Snyder himself took a pen to it and made a few minor tweaks. [...more]
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