Watchmen Backlot Photos

Four new photos are up on the Watchmen Movie blog which show for the first time the 1980's New York City that Alan Moore invisioned.

Director Zack Snyder updates the posts much as he kept fans informed when he made the '300' movie. Shooting in Vancouver, B.C., the crew built their own NYC which includes the Gunga Dinner, Treasure Island comic store, a pawn shop with a Nixon campaign poster, and the infamous newstand where the story centers around.

Zack also breaks down the supplies used to construct the scenes:

After a couple months of shooting at various locations and on stages, last week we finally made the transition to our New York City backlot. Since the New York City that is rendered in the graphic novel is so particular, it was very important to me that our backlot speak the same language, the vernacular of WATCHMEN. In addition, the backlot needs to function as many different parts of the city, countless store fronts, street corners, alleys, etc. So, with that in mind, we set out to build own own custom backlot here in Vancouver, BC. In my opinion, the results speak for themselves.

Thanks to all of the many talented people who contributed to making this backlot a reality!

Here are a few interesting facts about the backlot:

• 5,800 feet of neon requiring 24,000 watts of power
• 100 unique and custom-designed graphics created for the various storefronts
• 5,000 square feet of custom posters
• Street had to work for 1938, 1945, 1953, 1957, 1964, 1974, 1975, 1977, and
• 1,040 feet of 1:1 scale New York streets
• 98,400 square feet of exterior scenery
• 12,500 square feet of interior scenery
• Building heights range from 23'9" to 42'6"
• 10,325 16-foot 2x4s
• 3,600 sheets of OSB (plywood-like construction material)
• 384,000 square feet of foam brick
• 200,000 nails
• 3,500 tubes of construction adhesive
• 160,000 lbs. of steel I-beams support the facades
• 300 cubic meters of concrete
• 6,000 square feet of glass
• 4,800 square feet of plexiglass
• 20,000 donuts were consumed by the construction crew
• 20,000 gallons of water and 3,000 gallons of Gatorade was drunk by the crew

-Zack (source)

watchmen movie watchmen movie

watchmen movie watchmen movie

Watchmen 101

Empire Movies has compiled a great Watchmen 101 for anyone needing a quick idea of the who and what of the Alan Moore graphic novel.

Watchmen is regarded by those in the know as the greatest comic book movie ever written. Yes, even better than The Bash Street Kids. After years of trying, the movie version is now well under way. But, if you've never read the book, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about and what the hell's going on. But calm yourself, get a nice hot drink and absorb our guide to all things Watchmen.

The Story...
It's 1985 and, while fluoro-socks and Steve Guttenberg have been deemed perfectly acceptable, 'superheroes' (only one character in Watchmen actually possesses any superhuman powers) have been outlawed for undermining the police force and occasionally attacking the public. But a murderer is offing the retired crime fighters and our story begins with the killing of The Comedian, a man who dances the line between hero and villain. His death kicks off a series of events that brings New York's heroes out of retirement and uncovers a plot that could put the entire world in peril. Dun-dun-DAAAAH!


MTV Reports Matt Frewer (Max Headroom) Joins Watchment Cast

Former virtual icon Max Headroom is headed to the big screen version of The Watchmen. Matt Frewer, who portrayed the computer generated talking head back in the mid 80's. His addition to the cast puts a face to Moloch the Mystic.
"MTV News has learned that actor Matt Frewer — best known as the stuttering, sarcastic, 80’s icon Max Headroom — has joined the cast of the eagerly anticipated film. The 49-year-old thesp will suit up as Moloch the Mystic, a satanic super villain and magician.

In the graphic novel, Moloch clashes with famous “masks” like Nite Owl, Ozymandias, and Doctor Manhattan, before giving up his life of crime sometime before the action of the novel begins. Rehabilitated, the former vice lord moves to New York City, where he lives alone until his murder in 1985. His dead body is discovered by Rorschach, who is framed for Moloch’s death."


Watchmen Official Website Updates

Zack Snyder has updated the Watchmen Official site by adding a nice little post about the Watchmen "War Room" where the production crew gathers to work out the details of the film.

Not many details are seen in the pictures as the backgrounds are nicely blurred. You can make out the Watchmen characters on the poster above Zack's head in the picture above but that's about it.


Its a greenlight for Tales of the Black Freighter

watchmen tales black freighterThe story within a story plot line gets a little deeper with the greenlighting of a rather unique tie-in to the Watchmen Move. Director Zack Snyder pleased the Warner Bros brass with what they’ve seen of the movie so much that they’ve given a budget for the director to shoot the special ‘Tales of the Black Freighter’ for the disc.

"Tales of the Black Freighter’’ is a comic book within the Watchmen universe, that one of the characters read while the events of the graphic novel unfold. The comic is read by a teenage boy while he sits beside a newsstand, whose proprietor, contemplates the latest headlines and discusses them with his customers.

The "Black Freighter" storyline is in interesting concept piece that could be a great asset to the Watchmen universe.
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