The first outsider's report from the set of "Watchmen" is in, and it comes courtesy of non other than Dave Gibbons himself, artist and co-creator with Alan Moore of the venerable graphic novel upon which the Warner Bros. film is based.

In a post to the official "Watchmen" blog over the weekend, Gibbons described emotionally his visit to the set of Dan Dreiberg's (Nite Owl) apartment, listing various artifacts he saw including framed copies of The New York Gazette with stories of past Nite Owl exploits, trophies in glass display cases, and, said Gibbons, "over there, on its mannequin stand, the faded costume of the original Nite Owl keeps silent vigil. (source)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Talks Watchmen

Jeffrey Dean Morgan landed the great role of bringing the Comedian to life in the big screen adaptation of the "Watchmen." Taking on the role of Edward Blake is just a little different than his role on Gray's Anatomy.

Can you talk about your character because I don't know the franchise? You play-it's called the Comedian?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: Edward Blake is his real name and then the Comedian is the kind of superhero character he is. The character I play is 180 degrees from anything I've ever done before. A far cry from certainly William (on P.S. I Love You). A really far cry from Denny Duquette (on Gray's Anatomy), which is why I wanted to do it. It's a whole other thing. He's an animal. But I think one of the reasons I got hired-the things he does, his physical actions are horrendous. Certainly the most horrendous things I've ever seen much less portrayed. But I think my job is to-you don't hate him-so my job is to kind of be able to do these fucking horrible things and yet have the audience not hate his guts. Because you read the book and you don't hate the Comedian. There's a reason he does what he does and you know he just takes it maybe to a level that most people wouldn't but for him it's normal.
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