Zack Snyder Wants You To Help Make Commercials for The Watchmen

Welcome to the WATCHMEN "Veidt Enterprises Advertising Contest." Director Zack Snyder is offering you the opportunity to create "Veidt Enterprises" TV commercials that could end up in the feature film WATCHMEN, scheduled to be released in theaters on March 6, 2009. Remember, the movie is set in 1985, so TV commercials should be in full frame 4:3 aspect ratio (so it looks like standard TV, not widescreen) and they should be 15, 30 or 60 seconds in length. Visit the Watchmen YouTube Channel for more info.

Watchmen's 1940's Super-hero Team 'The Minutemen'!

watchmen-minutemen-graphic+novelMy pals at Ain't It Cool News (AICN) have landed the first picture of the original Minutemen from the upcoming Watchmen movie.
What we have below is a photo that the Minutemen took - Who are the Minutemen? Well in WATCHMEN - it was the first TEAM of superheroes that formed in 1939 and pulled a BEATLES in 1949. In the pic below you'll see the classic SILK SPECTRE and NITE OWL... you'll see CAPTAIN METROPOLIS, MOTHMAN, SILHOUETTE, COMEDIAN, DOLLAR BILL and with the noose... HOODED JUSTICE.


Dr. Manhattan Figure to be released at San Diego Comic Con

DC Direct have just revealed their initial Watchmen line-up which includes the first wave of action figures (available on January 28th 2009) and a series of cold-cast porcelain busts (January 21st). The announced Dr. Manhattan figure will be revealed at the upcoming Comic Con in San Diego at the end of July.

Special Watchment DVD to hit shelves prior to Theatrical Release?

News has Watchmen studio producers Warner Bros. looking to cash in on the popularity of the upcoming Watchmen movie by creating a special DVD tied into the movie to be released before the live-action flick hits the big screen.

Warner Bros. is trying to prop up softening DVD sales with a new strategy to promote its upcoming superhero feature film Watchmen. The studio will release a separate side movie based on the original film on DVD only, prior to the main Watchmen hitting theaters.

The New York Times writes that DVD sales fell for the first time last year — a drop that has retailers and studios nervous as DVDs can drive as much as 70 percent of the revenue for a new film. Warner Bros.’ plan would generate three separate DVD release opportunities for Watchmen (the side movie, the original film and a bundling of the two), pushing retail sales and promoting a (hopefully) new franchise for the studio.


Alan Moore Talks Watchmen

Alan Moore Talks Watchmen

The genius Alan Moore sits down to talk about his Watchmen world.
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