Special Watchment DVD to hit shelves prior to Theatrical Release?

News has Watchmen studio producers Warner Bros. looking to cash in on the popularity of the upcoming Watchmen movie by creating a special DVD tied into the movie to be released before the live-action flick hits the big screen.

Warner Bros. is trying to prop up softening DVD sales with a new strategy to promote its upcoming superhero feature film Watchmen. The studio will release a separate side movie based on the original film on DVD only, prior to the main Watchmen hitting theaters.

The New York Times writes that DVD sales fell for the first time last year — a drop that has retailers and studios nervous as DVDs can drive as much as 70 percent of the revenue for a new film. Warner Bros.’ plan would generate three separate DVD release opportunities for Watchmen (the side movie, the original film and a bundling of the two), pushing retail sales and promoting a (hopefully) new franchise for the studio.

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