Comic legend Alan Moore keeps true to roots

The BBC News sat down with iconic Alan Moore to take a look at his past successes and future endevours. Currently, Alan Moore's Watchmen is due to hit theaters in Feb. 2009.

"Watchmen author Alan Moore is revered across the world as being one of the most creative forces in the industry.

Books such as Watchmen, From Hell, League of Extraordinary Gentleman and V for Vendetta show that some comic books must be placed on the high table of literature.

But despite his fame, Moore still lives in his home town of Northampton, in a three-bedroom mid-terrace home similar to the one he grew up in.

As a youngster he quickly became fascinated by stories and books, he explains as part of a Inside Out documentary for BBC One in the East of England.

"I had joined the library by the age of five and I naturally gravitated towards mythology, fairy stories, Arthurian romances and the legends of the Greeks and Romans," he says." (...continue)

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