MPAA Edits Watchmen Trailer

Steven Spielberg edited out guns in his movie "E.T" to be more "P.C" with the times. Personally, I'm not a fan of that move but I guess that's Steven's choice. Zack Synder, the director of "Watchmen," was faced with a similar situation with the release of the first trailer for his movie. The MPAA thought it would be too risky to show a person aiming a gun at the audience and he had to replace said gun with a digital walkie-talkie.

*sigh* ...that's pretty sad. If you watch the trailer you'll never notice what the dude is holding. The scene lasts less than a second (about 12 frames) and goes by so fast you have to freeze frame it to even notice. It happens about 1:33 in the Watchmen trailer below.

"Still, the Motion Picture Association Of America doesn't want to take any chances, which is why they told the director of Watchmen, Zack Snyder, that he couldn't have a guy pointing a gun at the audience in the trailer.

Snyder replaced the gun with a walkie-talkie. This way, if anyone from 1903 watches the trailer, instead of ducking and/or running for their life, they'll just drop their bowler hat, curl up into a ball, rock back and forth, and mumble into their shirtwaist, "What world is this? What is happening to me? Where am I?" (source)

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