Zack Snyder Talks Watchmen Trailer

The Watchmen Trailer hit the web hard this weekend as fans of the acclaimed graphic novel were eager to get a glimpse of the movie adaptation. Director Zack Snyder has been good to the fans so far by allowing glimpses behind the scenes at sets and characters. He also wisely took into consideration that the first trailer would set the opinion for many die-hard "Watchmen" fans and he chose to stick as close to the original material as possible.

The Watchmen Trailer

MTV had a chance to sit down with Snyder to talk about the making of the movie of Alan Moore's classic and the release of the trailer to the public. Here are some samples of the interview (read the full interview here):

MTV: When we interviewed you for "300," you said the "Watchmen" moment you were most eager to film was Manhattan's deployment to Vietnam, when he becomes enormous and slaughters the enemy on behalf of the U.S. Now, we can finally see a bit of it!

Snyder: Yeah that's super fun, and it gets better and better. I've got to be honest: The version we're able to show in the trailer is cool, but it's the version that's been approved for all audiences. The R-rated version, when he blows those guys up, it's a little rougher.

MTV: That's how he kills people?

Snyder: In the movie, their guts explode — it's a little rougher.

MTV: And at the end of it all, we get an eye-popping shot of Dr. Manhattan's crib. What was it like to create this oasis on Mars?

Snyder: Well, what happens is that Manhattan exiles himself to Mars, and he builds that glass palace. Because his father was a clock-maker, he uses that big structure as a metaphor for the clock of the universe. In some ways, it's his own place of meditation. He's taken Laurie there at that point in the movie, and they're talking about how they're going to resolve their differences. That's how he does it: When he wants to talk to you, he takes you to Mars and he puts you in a giant glass.

MTV: What else is in the trailer that you're most proud of?

Snyder: You see a little bit of the Keane Act riots — that's the guy throwing the Molotov cocktail through the window. The Keane Act was an act of Congress that outlawed the vigilantes originally. ... That little image of that little bottle being thrown through the window, and also the shot of the Owl Ship floating there with Blake the Comedian standing in the window and all these people cheering, that's [the riots that ensue].

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