'Watchmen' adds Carla Gugino

Director Zack Snyder has added Carla Gugino to his cast of Watchmen. This is not Gugino's first appearance in a movie adaptation of a famous graphic novel. She appeared as Lucille in Frank Miller's Sin City. In the Watchmen, Gugino will portray the first Silk Spectre, known as Sally Jupiter.

The Annotated Watchmen describes Jupiter's character as:

SILK SPECTRE I (1921-?): Sally Jupiter, nee Juspeczyk. She changed her name to hide her Polish heritage. A former waitress and burlesque dancer, she became a crimefighter in early 1939 on the advice of her agent, Laurence Shexnayder.

She was a member of the Minutemen; the Comedian was expelled from the group after attempting to rape her. She left the team and retired in 1947 to marry Shexnayder.

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